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Dragonborn Artificer (B) - Arrodan Syndicate

Dragonborn Artificer (B) - Arrodan Syndicate

Tinkering with gadgets and gizmos is not just for the small of stature. This man of dragon blood loves to work on and with his trusty zapgun.

Model scale: 32mm
Model height: 42mm (To top of head)
Recommend a 25mm base. Specifically the Skies of Sordane base.

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Engineered Reality LLC is a licensed printer for Arcane Miniature. You can see their work on their website.

If possible, miniatures will arrive unassembled. Artisan’s Guild, Arcane Minis, Clay Cyanide Miniatures, and Cast n Play figures will come separate from their bases. ED3C minis are available with or without a pre-attached base unless stated otherwise.

Items with bases larger than 25mm will be hollowed as needed. This will result in two to three drainage holes which will need to be filled with your choice of filler prior to painting. Typical materials include Milliput or Green Stuff. I will do my best to hide them, but the location of the holes are determined by the model.

All miniatures are printed to order using a mix of ABS-like and flexible UV resin. As these are printed rather than molded, small imperfection will be present. These include pitting and mounds on the surface. Minor filling or sanding will be required prior to painting. UV resin is safe to handle once cured, but please use goggles and gloves when finishing prior to painting. Cured resin in your eye is rather painful and it does not taste great either.

All terrain and scatter are printed to order using PLA. As these are printed rather than molded, small imperfection will be present. These include pitting and mounds on the surface. All terrain is printed at .2mm layer height for a balance of speed and finish. Infill amounts vary by item.

Custom prints will be handled on a print by print basis. Materials and print quality will be agreed upon prior to manufacturing.

Each print is inspected by myself prior to shipping. You will never receive a print that I would not put on the table. I will reach out if I run into any issues during production. Please keep in mind that I am a one man shop with a normal 9-5. As such it may take me until the evening or early morning to get back to you if you contact me.

Shipping will be combined on multiple items. You will have your choice of shipping methods and the prices will be shown prior to checkout.

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